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We all have a favorite T.V. show, but what do you do when you're the only one in town who dislikes the number one hit? When the unimpressed brother of a die-hard cooking show fan has a face-to-face run-in with the culinary superstar, will he be pleasantly surprised or disgusted? A lighthearted romantic comedy with some pottymouthed characters. CONTAINS BL/SHOUNEN-AI/BOYS' LOVE/ HOMOSEXUAL/GAY STUFF.

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No more Propositions 8!
No more Propositions 8!

Fan and Guest Art Page Now Online!

:D :D :D This is long overdue, but there it is! Like it says, I burst with joy for the idea that such a thing must exist.

In other news, I screwed up guys. When I said I planned to update over winter holiday, which for me lasts until January 25th since it didn't start until December 22nd, I did not take into account the fact that I CAN'T ACTUALLY PUT ANYTHING ONLINE until I get back to my scanner, which is currently lying dormant in my dorm room in southern Massachusetts. I can draw all I want, but you guys won't get to see any of it until the start of the spring semester.

That was a big thing to forget on my part, and I apologize. Seems like all I do lately is make excuses and apologies about why I'm not updating CUT as much as I'd like to be. I just hope that you guys can tolerate my being somewhat of a failure at any sort of schedule. But maybe if I HAD one I might get my ass in gear, huh? I'd be tempted to try it if I didn't have a busier semester looming. We'll see how it goes.

When it comes down to it I really do appreciate that you guys take the time to read CUT and derive some sort of enjoyment from it (I hope). You're the greatest, and thank you so much.


So last night my glasses snapped clean in half, and I may not be able to work on the comic for a bit until I can get replacements. I am pretty much useless without them, and even navigating SJ is hard without leaning in two inches away from the screen. Bear with me!

This is the second time that this same style of frame has broken, in the exact same place, and even if I wanted to get the same frames again the cheapo glasses place I go to has stopped stocking that style for that very reason. I'm trying to work out getting replacements, but needless to say I'm not going back to those two cheap old bastards again after this.

New format!

Mainly, pencil. I thought that traditional media would be easy enough to handle, but I was wrong. And this is a really informal thing anyway, so why should I stress about it? XD So from now on pages will be in pencil and shaded, et cetera.

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