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June 24th, 2009, 1:17 am

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Ohhh yes, that is most definitely a Lady Gaga reference. XD I thought it appropriate.

Marcus is right, you know. Never sass relatives to whom you are beholden for money or lodgings. XD (I should know. ._.;

So this is what my initial lines look like before ink and with some dolling up with detail! I think it's great. Really captures the essence of my creative process and all that silliness, without it turning into a load of crap or taking forever. I know I'm slow, but still. <3

I love Jell-O Marcus (chibi Marcus basically), he is so squishable and, well, PLIABLE. XD I can just imagine myself stretching him like flubber. X3 And Jell-O M is cute, but cranky so early in the morning. The next few pages is when it starts to get really interesting! <3333333



Also, WHY THE FUCK DOES MARCUS REMIND ME SO MUCH OF CHANDLER FROM FRIENDS?! I swear every time I imagine his voice, every time I draw him it's like DOOM DOOM '90s SITCOM DOOM.

XD But I think that's part of what makes me love Marcus so much. X3

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lolwut 3rd panel for the win! XD
Also. Someone help the couch cushion kthx T^T


Yeah, that poor couch cushion has it rough. XD


Lol Chandler? Could he BE anymore sitcom worthy?

-gets shot-

Im like obsessed with that show, dont make references...

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