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June 25th, 2009, 11:23 pm

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This page completes my life. I love absolutely everything about it (except drawing that god-damned grocery store, SHELVES ARE SO ANNOYING). Unfortunately though it also came out a little smeared in some places because I am left-handed, and draw with my hand directly over what I have just drawn when I go left to right. Why can't I just go right to left? Because my brain sucks ass and can't handle that. I have to draw things in chronological order or I get really confused.

That said it took FOREVER to do. So many interruptions and distractions! I started this at like, what, six PM and it's twelve thirty in the morning now? Jeez.

Anyway, I LOVELOVELOVELOVE, haha, M in the second panel. He is the cutest chibi I have ever drawn. <33333 Also, Sidney amazes me with his ultra-gayness occasionally... like he does on this page. With a name like Sidney you'd think he'd be pretty mellow (read: boring) but not this guy. XD And look at M's cute little booty in panel three! He is aschmorable sometimes. <333

...My ankle hurts. And oddly enough it's not the one with the super-stretched-out ligament from too many bad sprains, either. XD


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greeeeeeeeeeat. C:

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