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July 27th, 2009, 1:49 am

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BabyM at the bottom so totally is the cutest thing I've ever drawn. <3

You have probably (definitely) noticed by now, but there are no stark-straight lines past page three. This is because past there no rulers have been used in the making of this comic. What better way to learn straight lines than to practice drawing them as straight as I can make them? And honestly, fucking six million rows of cereal boxes and junk is not worth using a ruler for every single one.

Since I'm sure most people will not know by name who these two actors are, here's some info. They're M's favorite, and belong to the cast of two of his favorite TV shows (which actually are real shows XD). Unfortunately M is displaced from both of them by at least one continent. XD:

John Noble played Denethor in Lord of the Rings, and currently plays Dr. Walter Bishop on the FOX sci-fi show Fringe. It's great, especially for something on FOX (I don't have a high opinion of this network).

Andrew-Lee Potts plays Connor Temple on the BBC America (for any Britons in the audience, I'm not sure of its status on the original BBC) sci-fi show Primeval. It is excellent, and everybody with BBC should watch it.


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haha, poor m. ;~; -kidnaps those celebrities for him-


John Noble, yaaay!!!

grrr, Fringe is on hiatus... >_<


I KNOW, I AM SO SAD! I miss it... ;_;

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