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August 26th, 2009, 9:21 pm

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It's been so long since I've posted anything, I feel so badly. But things have been really busy here! I'm moving to college next week, and having lived in Miami all my life I really needed to make sure everything was all set for me to live in MASSACHUSETTS, practically the subarctic permafrost by comparison. I've settled everything with my doctors and my glasses are fixed and I've got my spares and I bought new shoes and clothes and warm coaty-thingies, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I AM SO EXCITED.

But of course this means that CUT updates will become less and less frequent, as I predicted earlier this summer. I feel guilty that after an entire summer I only made it to page sixteen, but hey, I have a life whether I like it or not, emphasis on the not.

ANYWAY. I love all of you guys forever for sticking with me this far, you get my eternal love!

And now for the actual commentary on this page, lulz XD:
No, M's heart was not instantly melted by Sidney's cuteness, rationale, or fame, what impressed him was the fact that Sid was actually not a douchebag. XD M's preconceptions of celebrities tend to be "He/She is a prick and a bitchy whiny overpaid overhyped loser." He's not very nice sometimes. X3

Poor Brian, getting yelled at like that. XD

You have all heard Tocatta in D Minor. Believe me, you have. BELIEVE ME. You just don't know it by name like nerds like M and myself do. XD Here's the best link I could find that emulates what it actually sounds like without the use of an organ (there is surprisingly little of this on Youtube):


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Awww, this is so cute. I wonder why he's in trouble.

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