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February 4th, 2010, 9:33 pm

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I know it's been forever but I'm not going to apologize or grovel, because let's face it, we're more than used to this by now (and I'm going to level with you guys, this semester has kicked into high gear already so don't expect a steady stream flowing forth from my drawing hand). XD But to make up for it I worked really hard on this page. Although I reconfirmed my suspicion that I am not very good at drawing glass-door refrigerators, but I did just have an epiphany while writing this on how to do it better in the future. Fortunately they are leaving the store soon (THANK GOD. NO OFFENSE TANANSI BUT I AM WAY SICK OF DRAWING YOUR PLACE).

After one panel I am already sick of seeing Noodle-Os. XD Although I do think it might be fun to use SOAP by Kleenco, Nuwash by Kleenco, and Descourge by Kleenco although the latter two you can't see very well. And Panetta Giallo? I can't decide if it's pasta or bread in this case. Maybe breadsticks?

I really enjoy CUT's occasional cartoony moments, and this page has two. <3 I like this page in general. It turned out well overall. ^^ Hopefully I can be just as happy with pages in the future.


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Oh my gosh LOL I kept clicking the "next" carrot, and then I realized there wasn't any more yet. XDD

<3 I love this!
(And I admire your perspective. ;w;
//fails at drawing things in proportion/ )

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