Where old thank-you images and spiffy non-plot related pics will be stashed without disrupting continuity. Until I figure out some serious HTML or something you'll have to scroll through each picture. Older ones will be at the bottom, newer at the top.

A drawing of fluff, and M and Sid's in-character reactions to that fluff.

Valentine's Day 2010

Pokemon sprite edits, originals ripped by Bacon and Sapphire_Dragon; from Spriter's Resource.

M in a carnival photo-op, first thing drawn with tablet

Halloween 2009

Moving to college in New England XD

Filler update while at a convention, part 2

Filler update while at a convention, part 1

American Independence Day/Fourth of July 2009

Ten fans thank-you pic, M and Sid as Lady Gaga and male dancer from Poker Face music video.

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